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The mood of the whole household always depends on the mood of the mom.

The is the story of my life in few words

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Anonym fragte: Idk if you are aware, probably not if you don't read Hangul. But Koreans don't find anything attractive about Hyorin. She's not the ideal beauty type in sk. She's tan and her visual isn't their type. They also don't appreciate her type of body. They like skinny and petite rather than muscular and fit. But yeah she's probably sexy to a lot of international fans but not here.



well hyorin could snap all their necks with her thighs so who’s really winning here ???!!?

fuck Koreas standards. theyre vision is fuffy as hell anyways.

white person:how do you say my name in your language??
These people are hilarious like your name is John, is it somehow going to be Ahmed or Sakib now? Stfu lmao


Ramadan around the world + Iftars! 

China, USA, Australia, Sudan, Kenya, Morocco

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